Have You Always Been A Great Success?


Ø      Have you been accomplishing every objective your boss ever gave you?

Ø      Have you been the best worker in your group?

Ø      Have you always wanted to be “In Charge”?

Ø      Have you now been put “In Charge?”

Ø      Now that you have gotten what you wished for…are you uncertain as to what is expected of you?

Ø      Are you now the one who needs to get the work out day-in and day-out?

Ø      Are you still the best professional in the group, still doing real work, but now stretched too thin to work with the others in your group?

Ø      Have you been in charge for some time and still do not feel comfortable?

Ø      Have you been in charge for some time and are now worried that you may not be successful in that role?

Ø      Have you been frustrated by the failure of your subordinates or colleagues to achieve the level of results you are expected to accomplish?

Ø      Are you frustrated with trying to get the people who were once your peers to take direction from you?

Ø      Has your boss told you that your team is not getting the job done?


In short:

Are you confused and seeking help?


Every leader, manager or executive has been there. You are not alone! The transition from being the outstanding individual performer to being “In Charge” may be the most frightening, intimidating and puzzling change you will ever go through in your career.


Overnight you went from an experienced professional to an inexperienced, almost naïve, boss. You have probably wished for this day for a very long time, and now the day has arrived.


Does the trite saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it” seem less trite than it once did?






Ø    You need to know that the job is really very simple, but…It is not easy and it will take lots of serious work to turn yourself into a leader

Ø     You need the guidance of knowing how to be a leader of people rather than simply a manager of process

Ø     If this job of being the boss has you frustrated, or even questioning your own abilities, you need the benefit of knowing how to employ the Seven Essential Steps symbolized by the mnemonic:



YOU’RE IN CHARGE…what now?


This fast paced seminar is designed to provide a highly interactive experience that helps develop a clear understanding of what a good leader does to achieve peak performance. It provides practical exercises that reinforce the use of the seven steps to Work Leader Success symbolized by the L*E*A*D*E*R*S mnemonic. It also provides practical and hands-on hints on how to do those things that can make a difference for the work leader to achieve those peak performance results and provides the participants the opportunity to use the seven principles to apply them to their current job assignments.


This seminar is designed to provide a clear understanding of what a good leader does to achieve success. It provides a clear outline the seven steps symbolized by the L*E*A*D*E*R*S mnemonic. It also provides practical and hands-on hints on how to do those things that can make a difference for the work leader to achieve those peak performance results. You will be challenged every step of the way to learn the concept and then develop ways ion which you will apply the principles to a real life circumstance back at your job.

If you want to sit back and be spoon fed ideas, then this is the wrong place for you.

No theory here--we will talk concepts briefly, then move quickly to the practical

You will be expected to bring your problems with you, and to be prepared to use the seven essential steps to deal with the real world when you get back to the job

We will talk about real life, practical situations

If you are smart, you will use your seminar colleagues to help you with ideas about your challenges. You will be amazed at how similar their experiences are, not matter how different their jobs may seem when you start

Every issue you bring with you, we will help you get a real life action plan to deal with the challenge

After you return, you will have e-mail access to the seminar leader and you will be able to report your experiences and seek added input to the process of dealing with the real world


We know that you feel alone, but you are not.

Millions before you have experienced the pain of going from expert professional to novice leaders

This seminar will help you better understand the people who work for you and yourself

This is not a speech on theory, and it is not a seminar designed to help CEOs; it is designed for you, the person who is responsible fore getting the work out

This seminar is a practical session loaded with great ideas about how to be the best leader your associates have ever had

The seminar is so full of Work Leader Tips that you can put to use immediately that you may have to establish priorities on their use

For some there may be little new in this seminar...but you will see things differently when you finish the seminar and you will be changed for the better

You will be transformed from being the most experienced, best technical person in your group, to a leader of your associates

You will move from a focus on “I” to a commitment to "Us."

All we do is make the job of being one of the millions of WORK LEADERS

Simple, maybe not Easy, but SIMPLE!!!!

The Seven Essential Steps are so simple, we have tied them to the word Leaders. The seven Steps to Work Leader Success can be reflected in seven words that can be remembered by a simple mnemonic –


L- LOVE - Friends Like but Leaders Love
E- EXPECTATIONS - Setting the Bar Sets the Tone
A- ASSIGNMENT - Square Pegs in Round Holes Never Fit!
D- DEVELOPMENT - The Good Gets Better, the Best Excel!
E- EVALUATION - Leaders Succeed by Making Judgments
R- REWARDS - An Organization Elicits the Behavior It Rewards
S- SELF - Work Leaders Must Lead Themselves

We are so convinced that you will walk away with more than you expected that we guarantee it!

If you are not fully satisfied that these concepts and the tips we gave you have changed you from doer to leader, just tell us and we will give you your money back!!!!!!!!

Mr. Czarnecki is Chairman and CEO of Deltennium Corporation based in Bethesda, Md. He speaks frequently on a broad range of topics from Corporate Governance to Leadership. His book, You're in Charge...What Now?, reflects his strong view that leadership is critical to the success of all who manage the smallest units in an organization, a position he defines as a Work Leader. He defines seven essential steps that make leading simple, if not easy. For a more detailed Biographic sketch, click here
The One Day Seminar Outline





I. Introduction


a)     Participant Introductions

b)     What is a Work Leader?

c)       Why are they different?

d)     Challenges or opportunities for Work Leaders

e)     Participant Goal Setting for the Seminar


II. The Role of Work Leader and the Barriers to Success


a)     Defining the Responsibilities of your job

b)     What do you do each day?

c)       What does your boss expect of you?

d)     Are you meeting the bosses expectations, if not where are you falling short

e)     Leading vs. Administration – Mechanics vs. People

f)       “Administrivia” and the Work Leader


II. The Seven Key Principles for Peak Performance


a)     The L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Mnemonic

b)     Simple…Not Easy

c)       Satisfying the Boss

d)     Satisfying Your Associates

e)     Satisfying You


IV. L. – Love - Friends Like But Leaders Love


a)     The Three Loves

b)     Why not Like Instead of Love?

c)       Do Not Like your staff, love them!

d)     The Pain of a “Non-Loving” Boss

e)     Can’t love – Quit Leading!

f)       Exercise - Decide if you can really Love



V. E. - Expectations – Setting The Bar Sets The Tone


a)     Decide what needs to be done

b)     Simple, Specific and Measure

c)       Buy-in

d)     Raise the bar - Reach for the top

e)     Exercise – Setting Expectations for your staff


VI. A. - Assignment – Square Pegs in Round Holes Never Fit


a)     Understanding the process

b)     Describe the job

c)       Picking the right person

d)     The interview is only the first step

e)     Picking the best - Hiring stars

f)       Exercise – Evaluating a staff member


VII. D. Development – The Good Get Better…The Best Excel


a)     The best will fail without help

b)     Training OJT, Classroom and Coaching

c)       Patience, Persistence and empowerment

d)     Focus on the stars

e)     Exercise – Creating a Development Plan


VIII. E. Evaluation – Leaders Succeed By Making Judgments


a)     When was the last time you got a review?

b)     Why leaders avoid evaluations

c)       Never too much or too often

d)     Focus on behavior

e)     Candor not brutality

f)       Focus on action

g)     Exercise – Preparing for a feedback session


IX. R. Rewards – An Organization Elicits The Behavior It Rewards


a)     Understanding the risks of “punishment”

b)     Reinforce behavior, Focus on the positive

c)       Cash is nice, but much less than you think

d)     Catch them doing something right

e)     Exercise – Creating the right reward system for your staff


X. S. Self – Work Leaders Must Lead Themselves


a)     L. - Love yourself, self esteem matters

b)     E. - Set goals for yourself and your career

c)       A. - Make certain you are in the right job

d)     D. – A lifetime of learning

e)     E. – Know what you are doing well

f)       R. – Make certain you reward yourself for your successes

g)     S. – Do not act as if you are all that matters

h)     Exercise – Create your LEADERS Plan